Thursday, June 03, 2004

Regale us with tales bold but true

Listening to: Crazy Ones - John Mellencamp - Whenever We Wanted
Tonight me and the boys met up with another uni mate of ours who's back on a short visit from Hong Kong, where he works as a top-notch high-flying award-winning chick-pulling copywriter. We envy his life and his boldness and his impossible sense of adventure. I'm not talking about wanting to climb Everest without oxygen, I'm talking about roooly cool stuff. Like how he's taken up surfing in Hong Kong. Yes. Not Kuta, not Maui. Hong Kong. He says surfing's boring in the summer, but October's fun because it's typhoon season. He's gonna take me surfing when I'm there for the ex's wedding. I'm up for it. How's that for a dramatic closure? He also wanted to plan a longer holiday with the rest of us boys. He says it's gonna be fun. A road trip across the continent from Perth to Sydney via the Nullabor. 4800km, with 400km or more of a straight stretch on the Eyre Highway. For some reason, the idea appeals to us. No trees, no water, no ATMs for a coupla thousand kilometres. Our friend has done it before, so we were thinking, it must be fairly safe. Then he tells us about surfing typhoons. Why envy him? For now at least, it's because he's showing us that at ages past thirty, it's still possible to muck about, throw caution and everything else to the (typhoon) wind. I'm now gonna find some time to re-acquaint myself with kayaking again, if only for a few hours, and maybe, just think about reviving my old kayak trip to Tioman, all of what, only 13 years ago? Timely, our friend's 'intervention', because we had been discussing, like a bunch of girls would do, how we had grown older to become mild, gentle males who have been tagged, quite rightly, nice guys. I've been having the feeling that this has been detrimental to several aspects of life in general and all that shit. I'm less bullshit and more diffidence these days. Then earlier this week, we also met up with yet another male uni mate of ours, who's been showing us how he pulls chicks. Just ask lah, he says. He was in the lift with some pretty young stranger, and he turned and just asked 'eh, what's your name?'. Picked her up there and then. And he's not a looker either. Attitude. Gotta have attitude. Must go buy me some. But first I must pass my IPPT before my birthday next month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Miyagi! I stumbled onto your site from Hailey Xie's site.

Oooh I'd love to take a road trip from Perth (where I am now) to the East. I plan to do that one day in a campervan... and make my way around Australia!!

Haha, yeah I reckon guys should be bold and just say hi to girls. What do you have to lose eh?


Karen (from

6/03/2004 11:31:00 AM  

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