Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Let's see if they report this on the wires, or would this bring Singapore into disrepute?

Listening to: Cigarettes Will Kill You - Ben Lee - Breathing Tornados
Early this afternoon, my business associates were on the way to an appointment at a primary school when they encountered something quite horrible. They saw a young Malay man, possibly in his late teens, tearing down the street being chased by about five other Malay men carrying parangs. They caught up with their quarry and bludgeoned him. One of his fingers was lopped off, and he had several wounds to his arms and a very deep gash on his neck which was gushing blood. My business associates did what they could to stem the bleeding, and called the paramedics. Later, they wondered how there could be so many bystanders doing what Singaporeans do best - be bystanders.


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