Friday, June 25, 2004

Pigging out

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Pork rib soup (Bak Kut Teh) at Balestier Road. Couldn't catch a movie earlier, so I went out to grab a bite. A big one it turned out to be, with me eating a quarter of a pig, a bowl of rice and some salted vegetables at one of the many 24 hour eating houses along Pork Rib Alley (Balestier Road). My friend E had a more delicate bowl of pig liver mee sua. This particular restaurant (directly opposite the 7-11 and next to Martaban Road) is good. There's the pork knuckle dish that melts in your mouth, and the handsome bloke in the greasy singlet rolled up over his bulging belly (waiter and mascot) comes by now and again to check if you've drunk your peppery pork soup. If you have, he'll top the bowl up with another ladle. It's amazing how I still manage to keep my svelte figure. Lately, there's still been people suggesting Funky Hongky and Silly Singapore Names to me. E said I should read yesterday's ST Life!, where it was announced that Ericia "I'm half-Chinese-half-rabbit" Lee's younger sister had signed with Mediaworks as an Artits. Her name is Ezann(!). She studied psychology in Brisbane for a bit before deciding she liked Ezann Management better. (It was funnier when E (whose name is pretty normal, but cannot be divulged here) giggled non-stop for 5 minutes with mee sua dangling out of her mouth). Then yesterday a jet-setting ex-gf who's in town tells me that there was a Hong Kong beauty pageant contestant who introduced herself as Devilly, sounds like Beverly, only spelt wrongly (now say that sentence with a Hongky accent).


Blogger Lost In Transition said...

Yer making my mouth water with the bah kut teh, thank goodness im making my way back to sunny spore n the good bah kuts soon...and haha i can just hear the honky accent of someone intro-ing herself 'hi my name is devilly and im from hong kong'...

6/25/2004 09:42:00 AM  
Blogger Mr Miyagi said...

You'll have to wait a day. There are no bak kuts or any other part of the pig on Mondays. I could ta pao on Sunday and keep for you if you were really thaaat keen.

6/28/2004 05:47:00 AM  

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