Monday, August 30, 2004

Achtung baby!

iTunes' party shuffle is playing: Cigarettes Will Kill You - Ben Lee - Breathing Tornados
Liebschen, dein ist mein ganzes Herz, Wo du nicht bist, kann ich nicht sein! Why is it I keep thinking of trying to get my one true love out of her rut as if I didn't have enough on my plate already? Something's amiss. Amiss, amiss, amiss. But never mind, another round with Scrabble Girl please, and hold the anchovies. But before that, I had a weekend of work and sound drinking. Not to the point of drunkeness, but sufficient to be high on the happy side for a bit. Enough to make you want to grab the girl next to you and give her a, um... warm embrace. We wuz skint, the one true love and I, so it was a good thing LMD came along, took pity on us kids and bought us both a round of tequila shots while we propped ourselves up against the wheelie bin. I have a lot on my plate this week. But something's amiss. As Richie Benaud/12th Man would say, "Pretty piss-poor effort, that."


Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

You are most welcome. The wheelie bin is not exactly the most conducive backdrop to giving, um... warm embraces. Next time pick a better spot lah.

8/30/2004 10:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a scrabble expert! - evie

8/30/2004 05:52:00 PM  
Blogger cour marly said...

Ach so, du spricht deutsch? Und der Haifisch, der hat Zähne, Und die tragt er, im Gesicht...Something's a miss indeed.

8/31/2004 12:26:00 AM  
Blogger Mr Miyagi said...

Nein mein gesprochenes Deutsch sehr schlecht. Und deswegen mag ich nicht Schwimmen in der See.

8/31/2004 01:00:00 AM  

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