Monday, August 16, 2004

Pay it backward

iTunes' party shuffle is playing: Shame - Randy Newman - Bad Love
She says my bedroom needs to be cleaned or renovated. It's been awhile since I cared what my bedroom looked like for people other than myself, so I suppose it shows. Yeah. Welcome to my room. This is what disarray looks like. There are several nooks in the room which contain several artefacts from a long time ago: Betamax tapes, cassette music tapes, and vinyl records. LPs! Culture Club! 7" single of Duran Duran's theme song from a James Bond movie! A veritable treasure trove, my bedroom. Good props for when conversation fails you. (Hey, I did say I've been tired lately). Speaking of conversation, the latest rant-o-matic topic from my female friends is how some men don't offer to pay for stuff on dates and how some men get visibly disturbed when women pay for them. This one friend has been shrieking about her exes, and in particular, how one of them just keeps bludging on her, and how she keeps him happy by giving him $500 a month. I dunno. Sounds as if one of them was smarter than the other in the relationship. Good thing it's over now. This friend also thinks it's a Singaporean male trait to bludge on a date, and that Malaysian men are much, much nicer. The Malaysian Man will always offer to pay. Apparently, the Malaysian Man feels totally emasculated when the woman pays on a date. Apparently, the Singaporean male doesn't mind being a lesser being than the female. For mine, the argument starts with 'har? whaddafuck?' and more or less ends there, as it should. But, this friend is pretty happy that she's been asked out on 'an old fashioned date', even though she prefers to go dutch 'cos when a guy pays for you he expects something in return'. I'm pretty happy for her too, that after so many misses, she may have finally found a spankingly good Malaysian Man who is able to wine, dine and pay for her. We had dinner at Sistina before I asked, hey, you wanna come see my CD collection? (For the record, I paid for dinner. But she paid the last time, and there was nothing wrong with that picture.)


Blogger FF said...

Haiyoyo, one whole entry dedicated to me. Well, nearly. And i'm honoured. :)

When i say dates, I don't mean
1) Going out with old friends
2) After the relationship stabled liao

I mean, you meet a girl for the first time and ask her out. Geddit?? Now, would there still be nothing wrong with the picture if the waiter came with the bill and you started finding the ceiling very interesting for some unknown reason?

If I can't bitch about guys, what can I bitch about? All your galpals so nice wan, you have nobody to beech about.

Anyway, enuff said..
Ya your room quite messy, but oddly cosy.

8/16/2004 08:52:00 AM  

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