Wednesday, August 11, 2004

File under 'X'

iTunes' party shuffle is playing: 南海姑娘 - 王菲 - 舊夢
Forget 'terrorist chatter' on the net. I think the Men In White are looking at these conspiracy theorists' exchanges these few days before the 'acension' of the new PM. Quite funny, some of them. Then, in true Singapore style, they (the theorists, not the MIW) sometimes start slagging each other for their absurd theories. Interestingly, the nation's premier politcal satire site is down. Lessee what happens in the next coupla weeks. Meantime, I'm about to get busier. Gotta rush to the airport to pick up someone tonight. Then gotta rush to the airport to pick up someone tomorrow arvo. Phwoar! Happening.


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