Saturday, September 25, 2004

Quiet beers

iTunes' party shuffle is playing: Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto - Takako Nishizaki - Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto [UK]
Last night my good friend the rabbit owner came up with the best suggestion I've heard in yonks. She said 'Let's go to a coffee shop and have beer'. Radical for a Friday night I reckon. So we went, had a coupla those big 600ml (or so) bottles (at $6 each, cheap!), chewed the fat, let the rabbit roam free for awhile, cleaned up rabbit pellets, and then went home. But not before I received one of them Friday night DRTMs: "I am so pissed. Been drinking so much beer. My waist line!". Why pay more at pubs and clubs? Party at your neigbourhood Coffee Shop!


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