Thursday, September 23, 2004

Whetting appetites

iTunes' party shuffle is playing: Short People - Randy Newman - The Best of Randy Newman
Because we are Fresh Air Fiends, we were seated in the tiny outdoor section of this restaurant, located off the Club Street carpark. It was like our very own balcony. My headhunter friend and my best friend had summoned me to lunch today, saying it would be a quick bite. And I had believed my headhunter friend because he’'s one of those corporate drone types, rushing from meetings to meetings, every single day. What I had forgotten was that it'’s been a year since I’'ve had a quick bite with him and he'’s since risen up the corporate drone ladder, and is now queen drone or something. My first reaction on arriving at the restaurant was ‘'Mein Gott, it looks expensive, and I just had Da Paolo’'s last night'’. READ MORE AT LIQUIDBLADE'S GASTRONOMY BLOG


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