Thursday, November 13, 2003

Ginseng tea It's 4.38am and I'm sitting in my thinking chair, thinking. I'm actually very tired, but made the mistake of drinking a bottle of shop-brewed (as opposed to home brewed and canned) ginseng tea. Works better than coffee. So potent you get a headache, and you can't help but concentrate on work. Good for work, bad for me. Life's actually treating me alright, and I am still thankful for small mercies. Great mercies really, considering I could be starving in the middle of the Sudan or some other god forsaken hungry country with no internet so that I couldn't even complain online about not having food. I am determined not to let any time go to waste. I am resolved to make sure I use every ounce of whatever creative energy I have. And do everything without regret. And it's not even the New Year yet. See? The ginseng really works. Thinking chair is getting uncomfortable.