Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Place your ad now! Hurry!

iTunes' party shuffle is playing: Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? - Dinah Washington - Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 15: Wild Cool & Swingin' Too
Channel Newsasia did call back. We're scheduled to do an interview tomorrow afternoon, and I have to bring my laptop to a cafe with a wireless hotspot so I can show this here blog and some others I have a habit of clicking on. Note to self: Permanently delete all porn from laptop. Because of the short notice, I can't receive any artwork for ads, but am willing to use a marker pen to scribble your company slogan on my t-shirt for money. Premium space still available on my headgear, wristband and spectacles. Anyone has any idea when and what time Get Rea! airs? I can't wait to see how stupid I look and sound on the telly. For all the nasty things I've said about CNA, they're gunnawanna edit the piece for optimum effect. Die liao! But so fun, so fun, so fun.


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